Storrs Hall Hotel

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                                This photo was taken by Gertrude Bacon on 15 July 1912.

Donald Macaskie used Storrs Point and Beech Hill as waypoints for his flying training in August and September 1915. His instructor was John Lankester Parker, a seaplane pupil who became an instructor teaching about 75 to fly. Parker was later appointed as the chief test pilot for Short Brothers, and in 1942 flew the first Windermere-assembled Sunderland flying boat.

Events at Storrs Hall Hotel, established in 1892, have included for Sir Kenneth Crossley in 1913, dinner dances for Windermere Motor Boat Racing Club in 1931, 1947 and 1949, and for the Lakes Flying Company Ltd upon the centenary of Waterbird‘s first flight.

This iconic building has, over the years, been the subject of aerial photos: Storrs Hall Hotel Storrs Hall Hotel

Windermere: birthplace of British naval and civil marine aeroplanes