Doctor Arthur William Wakefield (1876 – 1949)

Dr. Arthur Wakefield was the brother of Captain Edward Wakefield who commissioned Waterbird.

Wakefield was a member of the 1922 Mount Everest expedition.

At the Winter Olympics in 1924, he was awarded a gold medal which in 2012 was taken to the summit of Everest by Kenton Cool.

Wakefield was President of the Fell & Rock Climbing Club when in 1924 at Great Gable the dedication took place of a bronze memorial tablet listing its members killed in the World War One, the same day on which Mallory and Irvine disappeared on Everest. Amongst the names on the tablet is that of ‘S. W. Herford’. Siegfried Herford carried out aeronautical research at the Royal Aircraft Factory, Farnborough in 1913-1914. W. G. Collingwood designed the tablet who was the father-in-law of Oscar Gnosspelius a designer and aviator at Windermere 1909-1914. In 2013, the plaque was replaced with a new one.

Windermere: birthplace of British naval and civil marine aeroplanes