The Lakes Flying Company Limited, a registered charity, has been set up to celebrate and to inform the public concerning the importance of the pioneering contribution made to the development of naval and civil marine aviation by Captain Edward William Wakefield of Kendal and of Waterbird.

Waterbird was the first aeroplane to successfully take off from and alight on water in the British Empire (more precisely, the first outside France and the USA), on 25th November 1911 at Windermere.

The charitable objects of the Lakes Flying Company Ltd include:

To advance the education of the Public by:
i. The construction, displays and flights of an airworthy replica of Waterbird;
ii. Exhibiting the replica in perpetuity;
iii. Providing historical and technical information regarding the historical context and design of Waterbird.

The airworthy replica of Waterbird will be known as 'Spirit of Wakefield'.

We have established an Adopt a Part Scheme, full details of which are here

You can view a photo of the build so far here

The wings of the replica Waterbird will be detachable for ease of transport, and it will be readily interchangeable between being a seaplane and a landplane. The Waterbird Project also aims to develop suitable facilities for Waterbird's exhibition and operation.